Rogers, Mary

Rogers, Mary           1884 November 15th         Trowbridge

Mrs Mary Rogers, widow of a tradesman, chandler, of Church-street, was killed in the streets on Friday night, through being knocked down by an empty coal cart belonging to the Messrs Bird, coal merchants. An inquest was held on Saturday to inquire if there was any blame attaching to the carter, William Vagg.

The witnesses were Mr W J Mann, solicitor; Miss Mabel Barnard, tradesman’s daughter; and PC Hubert Waters, whose evidence was to the effect that between five and six pm, on Friday, some waggons belonging to Mr F B Norris were passing the corner by Church-street from Roundstone-street, and deceased was standing on the pavement, near her shop, waiting to cross the road. Just as she stepped off she did not appear to have noticed the empty coal cart coming on behind, and, when she gained the middle of the road, the horse knocked her down and the wheel went over her body.

When picked up and taken home the surgeon, Dr G C Taylor, found she had several ribs broken and severe contusions about her body. She died within five minutes of his arrival from internal hemorrhage. There was no blame attached to the driver.

The jury returned a verdict of accidental death. The deceased, who was highly respected, was aged 65.


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