Peach, Robert

Peach, Robert         1884 June 21st           Horningsham

On Thursday morning, as Mr Peach, of Woodhouse Farm, Horningsham, near this town, was walking round his meadow, in which a yearling bull and some heifers were kept, the bull suddenly rushed at him and savagely gored him before he could make his escape. Two boys ran to the farm , which was a quarter of a mile off, for assistance, but before help arrived the farmer was seriously injured.

A boy named Harris attempted to rescue the farmer, and getting over the hedge, attracted the attention of the bull and finally drove it away. Mr Peach, it appears, had been in the habit of beating the bull with a stick, and the brute bore him malice. The injured man was carried home, and medical assistance was obtained, but he died on Friday morning.

An inquest was held on the body on Saturday afternoon, when the jury returned a verdict of “Accidental Death,” and added a rider that the bull would have to be killed or fastened up in future.


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