Moore, George

Moore, George        1884 August 2nd       Shrewton

An inquest was held at the “Catherine Wheel” inn, Shrewton, by Mr R A Wilson (district coroner), on Wednesday afternoon, on the body of Mr George Pearce Moore, an old gentleman who, as an agriculturalist, was well known in Wiltshire.

The first witness called was Alfred Shergold, laborer, of Maddington, who stated that on Monday evening a little after 7 he was standing at the bar of the “Catherine Wheel,” when he saw the deceased sitting in the bar. Deceased got up, and exclaiming “he could not stand that,” walked out of the bar.

William Keevill, of Maddington, deposed that on Monday night he came into the inn from a field adjoining when he found the deceased on his face in the passage through which he had to proceed. There was blood on the stones. He (witness) saw that he was dead. He at once called for assistance.

Dr Eddowes stated that he knew the deceased. He had not, however, attended him professionally. He was called on Monday evening at about eight o’clock to see the body. When he arrived at the inn he saw the deceased lying in the passage leading to the stables. He turned him over and saw that he was dead. He observed marks on his face occasioned by the fall. His features were livid; and there was every appearance of his having died from apoplexy. The position in which he fell prevented any power of breathing.

Gerald Moore, son of the deceased, said his father was 76 years of age. He had been living at Shrewton for the past nine months, but originally lived at Durrington.

The jury returned a verdict, “Died from the visitation of God by apoplexy.”


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