Major, William

Major, William      1884 January 19th

On Thursday evening in last week an accident occurred to Mr William Major, a well-known traveller connected with the firm of Messrs Richardson, wine merchants, of this city, which, we are sorry to say, resulted fatally. It appeared that the deceased was returning from Downton on Thursday evening in a four-wheeler, when in coming down a hill the harness of the horse became entangled, and the animal got very restive. It eventually bolted; and Mr Major from some cause or another – probably the sudden violence of the animal – was thrown out. A stranger fortunately came to his assistance, but it was evident that he had sustained a severe shock, his face and hands being much bruised. The animal had, however, been stopped, and Mr Major was driven to the Infirmary, where his face and hands were dressed. He, however, desired to proceed to his house at Highfield; and thither he was taken.

Dr F W Coates was soon in attendance, and called several times the following day. In the morning he suffered a serious loss of blood, but in the afternoon the bleeding was stopped and Mr Major rallied considerably. Towards the evening, however, it was apparent that he had difficulty in breathing; and in a few minutes he expired.

An inquest was deemed necessary and it was held on Saturday afternoon by Mr R Wilson, the district coroner. Then Dr Coates expressed the opinion that the immediate cause of death was heart disease, hastened, no doubt, by the shock of the accident. A verdict to that effect was returned.

The body of the deceased was interred on Wednesday afternoon in the presence of a large number of sorrowing friends and relatives. Mr Major had previously travelled for Messrs Large and Co; and before that he had resided near Bridport. He was a man of a happy, genial disposition. He leaves a widow and several sons and daughters to mourn his premature decease.


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