House, Charles

House, Charles        1884 January 12th             Tollard Farnham

In our last week’s issue a paragraph appeared relating the finding of the body of Charles House, carter for Mr Harris, of Farnham, whose death was supposed to have arisen from his having fallen off a wagon and the wheels passing over his head. Such was not, however, the case, as the evidence given at the inquest held on Thursday, Jan 3rd, before Mr W H Atkinson, will show.

James Charles Hill, farmer, of Tarrant Hinton, stated that on Tuesday, 1st of January, about half-past four pm., he was going from Chettle to Tarrant Hinton in a four-wheel pony carriage. At the upper part of Chettle Park he saw a wagon with two horses standing still, and a boy named Frank King by their side. Witness sent the boy on the horses and wagon to Chettle, and told him to stop at the hill and get someone to take charge of them. He then went on the road towards Hinton, and on getting out of the drove on to Hinton Down he saw a man lying on his left side and his hat off in front of him. Witness called out, but could not get any reply. He then went back to Chettle, and several people accompanied him to the place, where they found the man, who was dead. Witness had him sent home in a cart. Deceased was lying on the turf of the Down.

Frank King, of Chettle, aged 12 years, said he was at the gate near Chettle Down, when he saw two horses in a wagon coming down the drove from Tarrant Hinton Down as fast as they could. When they got on the Down at Chettle they slackened their speed and he went and stopped them. Mr Hill came up and took the horses to the other end of the Down and went for help.

The Coroner and jury expressed their satisfaction with the conduct of the lad, who gave his evidence very well.

William Raymond, carter, of Chettle, in Mr Roger’s employ, said that about half-past four Mr Hill called him, and he and two men named King and Hayter accompanied Mr Hill to Tarrant Hinton Down, where they found deceased lying on the ground behind the wheel marks. There was a little dirt on the shoulder of his slop. He was taken to his house at Farnham. He was quite dead, and it appear that he moved after he fell. Blood was coming from his ear.

James Ford Inkpen, baker, of Tarrant Hinton, stated that he met the deceased about quarter past four in the lane leading to Tarrant Hinton Down. Witness called out to him to hold in, and he did so. Deceased was sitting apparently on a bag of coal n the wagon, and he seemed to be dozing when witness called to him. After he had passed deceased turned round and nodded to him. It was from 600 to 700 yards from where he was found dead.

Elizabeth House, mother of the deceased, said he was 29 years of age, was married, and had three little children. She was present when he was laid out. There was no mark, or bruise, or wound, or cut of any kind about him. From a child he had suffered from a “big” throat. On several occasions something rose in his throat which nearly choked him and blood came from his mouth and nose. He had earth in his mouth when he was laid out, and blood was coming from his ears.

The jury returned a verdict of “Natural death by the visitation of God.”


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