Hiscott, Ann

Hiscott, Ann        1884 September 13th             Crockerton

An inquest was held at Crockerton, on Thursday in last week, on the body of Ann Hiscott, aged 72, who was found dead in her cottage that morning.

The evidence adduced showed that deceased had worked at the silk factory till within six weeks since and up to the time of her death had lived on her savings. She had no parish relief. She complained to a neighbour, named Sarah Sims, on the previous evening, of pains in her chest. That morning Mrs Sims knocked at deceased’s door, and failing to obtain a reply, her son got into the house and found deceased quite dead on the floor near the fireplace. Her head was resting on her arm. There were about three quarts of blood on the floor, and deceased’s face was pale, but her hands very dark. Witness thought the blood must have come from a wound in her leg from which she had suffered for the last 20 years.

Mr Flower, surgeon, of Warminster, was of opinion that the deceased died from loss of blood, occasioned by an ulcer eating into a vein on her leg, but believed that had any person been near her at what proved to be the last fatal moments a slight pressure on the wound would have saved her life.

The Coroner having summed up, the jury returned a verdict of “Died from fatal syncope arising from a rupture of a vein in the leg, and profuse hemorrhage therefrom.”


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