Heath, Mary

Heath, Mary         1884 August 2nd         Devizes

On Monday morning the body of a woman was found in the Kennett and Avon Canal, between Park and London bridge. The corpse was taken to the Union Workhouse, and was identified as that of a woman named Heath, who had been residing with her husband and daughter in a cottage next to the Old Baptist Chapel. The poor woman had, it seems, been in the Wilts County Asylum for about three months and was only discharged a fortnight ago. A watch had been kept over her, but as she seemed to be so much better since her discharge it was not thought that she would attempt her own life.

The inquest was held at the work house on Tuesday morning, before the Coroner (Mr Waylen), on the body.

Dr Bowes, medical superintendent at the County Asylum, gave evidence as to the form of insanity from which the deceased had been suffering, which was melancholia, she imagining that she suffered from various complaints which did not exist.

Verdict – Suicide whilst of unsound mind.


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