Grey, James

Grey, James       1884 October 4th         Horningsham

The Coroner for this district (Mr F T Sylvester) held an inquest at this village on Monday, on the body of James Grey, an old man who fell from an embankment in his garden on the previous Wednesday, and who died from the injuries received on the following Saturday evening.

It appeared from the evidence of Mary Grey, the widow of the deceased, that on Wednesday morning her husband got up at four o’clock. Witness also got up about the same time, and whilst she was engaged in lighting the fire the deceased went out of the house. Afterwards she went in search of him and not finding any trace of him went to her husband’s brother, Joseph Grey, and inquired if he had seen him. He replied in the negative, and at once joined in the search, and he succeeded in finding him in a lane. When first discovered deceased was insensible, but after a time became temporarily conscious. He, however, gradually sank, and died late on Saturday evening.

Mr Bothwell, surgeon, deposed that deceased died from concussion of the brain, the result of the injuries, and a verdict of “Accidental Death” was returned.


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