Coward, Rhoda

Coward, Rhoda          1884 April 12th                Trowbridge

On Monday, the Coroner (Mr F T Sylvester) held an inquest, at the Greyhound Inn, on the body of Rhoda Coward, aged 62, who was found dead on Saturday. The deceased was the wife of a carpenter named Samuel Coward, and had lived apart from him for 20 years, and supported herself as a cloth-worker for Mr Harper. On Monday in last week she came home ill, and had since kept her bed, her only attendants being her married daughter, Rose Spalding, who lived in another part of the town, and a neighbour named Emma Horler.

No medical man was called in, and although deceased’s husband lived in the town in good circumstances, and his daughter told him of her mother’s illness, he did not go to see her, but manifested the greatest indifference. On Saturday she was found dead on the floor of her room. Her daughter had taken her all the food she could take, but she said she wanted something better.

The husband was called before the jury, and excused his conduct by saying he did not know deceased was ill, but this was contradicted by the daughter. The Coroner, at the request of the jury, censured the man for his unfeeling conduct.

The cause of death, from the testimony of Mr K Sylvester, was fatal syncope. The deceased was suffering from bronchitis.


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