Summerhayes, Mary

Summerhayes, Mary         1883 October 6th             Frome

On Saturday afternoon, Mr W Muller, coroner, held an inquest at the Wagon and Horses inn, Gentle-street, on the body of Mary Summerhayes, aged 55 years, the wife of Joseph Summerhayes, landlord of the inn.

From the evidence it appeared that on the previous Wednesday, the deceased, who had suffered from heart disease, was in a quiet and melancholy state, and complained of being cold. Her husband urged her to go to bed, and she did at 6.30. Nothing more was seen of her until 12.30, when her husband and daughter were about to retire to rest, and then she was found to be dead.

Some of the jury commented upon the fact that though the deceased was unwell no one went near her for six hours, but in explanation of this it was stated that being the day of the agricultural and dog shows, and being at a public-house, the inmates were very busy. Dr Thompson gave it as his opinion that she died from natural causes, most probably heart disease, and a verdict to that effect was returned.


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