Saunders, Arthur

Saunders, Arthur       1883 June 30th        Purton


A sad bathing fatality occurred here on Saturday evening. Mr Arthur Saunders, scholar of Oriel College, Oxford, and son of the rector of Lydiard Millicent, went with a fellow student, Mr Fisher, to bathe in a lake attached to Purton-house. The lake contains a great number of weeds, and in some places it is as deep as 18ft. The young men took a “header” from a spring board which is erected over a part of the lake, and having enjoyed a swim came out and took another leap. Mr Fisher became entangled in the weeds in making for the bank but was able to get hold of the post supporting the spring board, and extricate himself. On looking Mr Saunders could not be seen. Mr Fisher at once gave the alarm and assistance came to the spot, but it was not until two hours afterwards that the body was recovered. Mr Saunders, who was in his 21st year, was a young man of great promise. He had done well at Marlborough College, and subsequently at Oxford, and looked forward to taking his degree next year.

The inquest was held on Tuesday, and the jury returned a verdict of “Accidentally Drowned.”


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