Roberts, Henry

Roberts, Henry    1883 August 11th        Durrington

On Monday, Mr R A Wilson held an inquest at Durrington on the body of Henry Roberts, aged 83 years, a carrier residing at Durrington, who was found dead in his bed on Saturday morning.

James Mitchell, of Durrington, stated that he worked for and lived in the same house as deceased, who retired to bed at about half-past ten on Friday night and appeared to be in his usual health. He had some bread and cheese for supper just before going to bed. The witness slept in the same room as the deceased and heard him snoring at 12 o’clock. About 6 o’clock the next morning he called to his master who did not answer. He went to him and took hold of his hand which was quite cold, and he found he was dead – he was lying on his back and the bedclothes were undisturbed.

Mr C J Pyle, surgeon, of Amesbury, who was called to examine the body, stated that one of the deceased’s eyes were dilated and the other contracted; he was of opinion that deceased had died from a fit of apoplexy. The jury returned a verdict accordingly.


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