Payne, Lottie

Payne, Lottie         1883 March 3rd            East Dean

Mr Bernard Harfield, the deputy county coroner, held an inquest, at East Dean, on Saturday, on the body of Lottie Payne, aged five years, who died after two days illness. The deceased was the daughter of a shepherd, and from the evidence of her mother it seemed she was very well on the previous Monday and went to school as usual. She was unwell on Tuesday, and ate only two biscuits, but drank a quart of new milk, and was given some medicine. She gradually became worse on Wednesday, and about midnight the mother sent her husband for a neighbour, and before he returned the child died.

Dr F A Taylor, of Romsey, was called in and made a superficial examination, and gave it as his opinion death resulted from some kind of heart disease, possibly a clot in one of the large vessels, which was not uncommon in children. A verdict in accordance with the medical testimony was returned.


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