Morgan, William

Morgan, William      1883 August 11th         East Knoyle

An inquest was held at East Knoyle by Mr R A Wilson, on Saturday last, upon the body of William Morgan (a native of the town of Gloucester), aged 61 years, a mason’s labourer, who was accidently killed on Thursday by falling from a scaffold whilst working at the mansion in course of erection for the Hon. Percy Wyndham.

From the evidence it appeared that deceased was on the scaffolding at the height of about 42 feet, moving the planks to allow a stone to come up. The scaffolding was seven planks wide and it was usual to move only two for the purpose, but on this occasion the deceased must have moved a third and then stepping where he probably imagined it would be fell between the planks remaining.

Mr Bate, surgeon, of Hindon, was sent for, but on arrival life was extinct, and upon examining the body he found one leg broken and blood flowing from one ear; he was of opinion that death resulted from fracture of the skull. The jury returned a verdict accordingly.


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