Knowles, Fred

Knowles, Fred            1883 January 6th             Trowbridge

On Tuesday afternoon the Coroner, Mr H T Sylvester, held an inquiry at the New George inn, into the circumstances touching the death of Frederick Knowles, 24 years of age, which occurred on the previous day in the following manner. The deceased who was employed as a labourer at the Gas Works, was engaged loading a cart with coke, and during the process he went to the horses’ head for the purpose of backing it into a more convenient place, when the animal started off at a rapid pace. Deceased hung to the bridle in the hope of stopping the career of the animal, but all in vain, and in passing out of the gateway of the Gas Works yard he was either crushed against the pillars or the wheel went over him, it is hard to say which, as no one actually saw the accident. Medical assistance was called, and the injured man, who almost immediately became insensible, was conveyed to the Cottage Hospital, but he died almost as soon as he got there, his liver and the lower portions of his lungs being ruptured. The jury returned a verdict of “Accidental Death.” Deceased leaves a widow and two children.


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