Keevil, Georgina

Keevil, Georgina       1883 January 27th       Trowbridge

An inquest was held on Monday, at the Royal Oak inn, before Mr F T Sylvester, coroner. It seems that Mrs Georgina Selina Keevil, aged 58, wife of James Keevil, groom, in the employ of Mr Broad, veterinary surgeon, Bath, came to Trowbridge on Saturday to attend a wedding party. The exertions of the journey and the excitement overcame her, and as the party were at supper in the evening, she sank back in her chair and died of apoplexy.

Mr K Sylvester, surgeon, was called in, but his services were unavailing. The deceased partook of no supper, and was very sparing in all she had that day. She had had no medical attendant for 20 years, but was always in good health. Verdict, “Death from sanguinous apoplexy.”


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