Holly, Samuel

Holly, Samuel     1883 February 3rd             Romsey

An inquest was held here on Friday by Mr Bernard Harfield, acting for the county coroner, concerning the death of Samuel Holly, an inmate of the Romsey Union. Deceased, a tailor by trade, was 62 years of age. On Wednesday afternoon he appeared to be in his usual health and spirits, but shortly afterwards was found lying upon his face in a pig-stye. It was his duty to attend to the pigs. Dr Buckell, medical officer of the Union, was sent for, and saw deceased in the stye. His face was somewhat of a purple colour, and a little blood flowed from the left nostril. There were slight bruises on the left cheek and side of the forehead, evidently from deceased having fallen. Being unable to arrive at the cause of death, as deceased had always been a healthy man and never under his care, although he had been medical officer for some years, he made a post mortem examination. The heart, lungs and stomach were healthy, and there was a little effusion on the pericardium, probably an after-death produce. The stomach was partly filled with undigested food. There was a good deal of congestion of the brain, and a large quantity of serum in the cavities. He should consider death to have resulted from serous apoplexy – it might result suddenly.

The jury returned a verdict in accordance with the medical testimony.


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