Cripps, Isaac

Cripps, Isaac               1883 July 7th               Swindon

On Tuesday morning, an inquest was held by Mr Coroner Baker, at Gorshill, into the death of Isaac Cripps, 59, labourer, who was found dead on the roadside between Gorshill and Stratton on Sunday night.

From the evidence it appeared a man by the name of Carter left Gorshill for his home at Stratton at about ten o’clock on Sunday night and before getting to the cross roads saw Cripps sitting on a stone heap by the side of the road. Cripps appeared sick and vomiting. Subsequently Carter led the deceased in the direction of Stratton, where his wife was staying. Deceased, however, fell down, and Carter, after putting the deceased on the side of the road, proceeded to Stratton to fetch the deceased’s wife, but on his return with Mrs Cripps the man was dead.

Mr Fernie, of Stratton, surgeon, attributed death to heart disease, and a verdict to that effect was returned.


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