Brock, William

Brock, William           1883 January 20th

On Sunday evening, whilst the niece of Mr William Alexander Brock – a blacksmith residing in College-street, Wyndham-Park – was reading to him from a newspaper of the sudden death of a man in a railway carriage, he fell back and in three minutes, before any medical assistance could be obtained, had expired. The event – being such a remarkable coincidence with the narrative being read to him – created considerable excitement in the Park. The deceased, a respectable man, had suffered extremely from heart disease; but, owing to the long interval since he had been attended by a medical man, an inquest was deemed necessary. That was held the following afternoon at the “Wyndham Arms” inn, on the London-road, before Mr G Smith (city coroner) and a jury (of whom Mr H Hicks was foreman). The following evidence was adduced,

Dr James Henry Gordon stated that on the previous evening at about six o’clock he was called in to see the deceased gentleman. He found him quite dead, but the body was still warm, and it was evident life had only just expired. He had not attended him for nearly three years; and then he was suffering from a very extensive heart disease. It was very likely death was due to heart disease; but owing to the length of time which had elapsed since he last saw him, he was not in a position to give a certificate.

Rosina Flood, niece to the deceased, said that she had lived with him and his wife. On the previous evening, at a little before six, she was reading a newspaper to him, the subject being the sudden death of a man who fell back in a railway carriage. Whilst reading she heard her aunt call “William,” and on looking around she saw her uncle falling backwards, and she caught him in her arms. For some time past he had complained of being unwell, but on Sunday he appeared better. He had had no medical advice for some considerable time; indeed, he had persistently refused it. Medical assistance was now immediately sent for; but before Mr Gordon arrived he had expired. The deceased was 42 years of age.

The jury returned a verdict of “Death from natural causes.”


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