Bourne, Thomas

Bourne, Thomas            1883 July 21st            Bradford on Avon

On Wednesday afternoon, Mr F T Sylvester, coroner, held an inquest at Kingston Farm, on the body of Mr Thomas Bourne, aged 40, who dropped down dead in his bedroom on the previous night at 10 o’clock. The deceased, who was tenant of the farm, had been suffering from disease of the heart form the age of 18, his father and mother having died from the same malady.

Dr Adye, his medical man, had therefore cautioned him to be very careful in his diet and occupation. On Tuesday deceased attended a meeting of the Town Commissioners at the Town Hall, he being a useful member of that body. The meeting was very quiet and nothing occurred to excite him. Mr James Clark, solicitor, of Bath, clerk to the board and other members, spent a few pleasant minutes with him afterwards and wished Mr Bourne “Good night.”

At nine o’clock he partook of bread and cheese and beer, three cold potatoes, and a glass of brandy and water, and then retired to his bedroom with his wife. Whilst in the act of undressing himself he fell down dead. The medical man expressed the opinion that his unwholesome supper hastened deceased’s end; and the coroner added that it created flatulency and closed the valves of the heart.

Verdict, “Death from heart disease.” Deceased was highly respected, and great sympathy is expressed on all sides for the bereaved family.


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