Whitlock, George

Whitlock, George                  1882 April 8th

On Monday afternoon , an inquest was held at the Infirmary, by Mr George Smith (city coroner) and a jury, on the body of a lad named George Whitlock, a little boy of four years old, the son of a boot-maker living in Gigant-street, who came to his death under the following circumstances,

On Thursday afternoon, at about 5.45, the deceased was playing in Catherine-street with some other children, and attempted to run across the street as one of Messrs Chaplin and Co.’s heavy vans, in charge of a young fellow named Alfred Kilford, was passing. The driver not noticing the child, it was knocked down and sustained severe injuries. The child was at once conveyed to the Infirmary, where it injuries were attended to, but where it expired on Saturday from the injuries and the shock. The van, it was mentioned at the inquest, was loaded with about 25cwt’s of goods and was drawn by one horse.

The jury returned a verdict of “Accidental death,” and cautioned Kilford not to drive through the streets with a loaded van at more than walking pace. The jury gave their fees to the parents.


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