Unknown, female

Unknown female       1882 November 25th                  Collingbourne Ducis

A day or two ago a sad discovery was made on the Wiltshire Downs, near Collingbourne Ducis and Tedworth. On a wild and lonely road between these two places stand some isolated farm buildings. Mr Russ’s farm bailiff and a labourer went to these buildings a day or two ago to start an engine for the purpose of threshing a rick of corn. The labourer went round the buildings to collect some wood to light the fire with, and on looking into a small disused stable saw a woman lying on the floor. He thought at first she was asleep but on examination it was found she was dead, the body being cold and stiff. Some white vomit was protruding from her mouth and nostrils. The assistance of the police was obtained and the body removed, but nothing could be found upon her to give the slightest clue as to her identity.

The poor creature was very scantily clad, and had evidently been on tramp. By her side in the stable was found a small tin can, such as is used for making tea, and a small quantity of tea therein, with a small piece of bread tied up in an old rag. No money was found upon her and the poor creature would appear to have crept into this place to die. Not the slightest clue has yet been obtained as to who she was.

An inquest was held, and a verdict of died from pleurisy was returned. She was apparently from 24 to 26 years of age, 5ft 1in in height, of fair complexion, brown hair, and stoutly built. She was dressed in an old black dress, red and black plaid shawl, a black hat, trimmed with dark riband and velvet, and elastic side spring boots. The police are endeavouring to find out particulars relating to her.


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