Shergold, Mary

Shergold, Mary        1882 March 25th             Quidhampton

An inquest was held at Quidhampton on Thursday, by Mr R M Wilson (district coroner), on the body of Mary Ann Shergold, who died suddenly at the “Bell” inn on the previous Tuesday.

Alfred Young, blacksmith, deposed that as he was leaving his shop on Tuesday morning at about eleven o’clock, he saw the deceased lying in the road opposite the “Bell” inn. He immediately obtained assistance and carried her into the inn. At the time she was alive but did not speak.

Sarah Merchant, wife of Frank Merchant, of the “Bell” inn, stated that when the deceased was brought into the house she was unconscious, and remained so until life was extinct – about half-an-hour afterwards.

Samuel Shergold, of Burdensball, and at present residing at Magdalen hospital, said that the deceased was his wife and attained her forty-fifth year on Tuesday. Early in the morning of that day he walked with her to the village and she left him at his allotment intending to proceed on to Salisbury. About ten minutes after he was called to the “Bell” inn, where he found her perfectly unconscious and where she died in about twenty minutes. At the time of her death, she was actually an out-patient of the Infirmary, where she was going when she left him.

Dr Straton said he knew the deceased and had attended her frequently for enlarged liver and weak heart. On Tuesday morning he was called to see her, and he arrived at the inn just as she expired. He examined her, and from the appearance of the body and various symptoms now attributed death to apoplexy.

The jury returned a verdict in accordance with the medical testimony.


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