Parker, Charlotte

Parker, Charlotte             1882 August 12th

On Friday afternoon an inquest was held at the Fisherton House Asylum, before Mr G Smith, the city coroner, concerning the death of Charlotte Parker, a widow, aged 82. The deceased, a needlewoman, was admitted into the establishment as a patient on the 15th day of last month (having for ten years previously been an inmate of the St Pancras workhouse); from the time of her admission she was both bedridden and incoherent. After nine o’clock on Thursday evening the attendant who had charge of her gave her some brandy and water, which she drank, and at that time she appeared to be in her usual health.

Shortly before six o’clock on Friday morning the deceased was sleeping, but at eight o’clock, when breakfast was taken up, she was found to be dead. One of the attendants stated that on July 20th the deceased was reaching to the window and fell against the crib, causing her to have a black eye, the bruise of which still appeared. She was in the habit of reaching to the window.

Mr Hind, medical attendant, attributed death to syncope. In reply to a juryman, he stated that he inquired about the bruise on the deceased’s face, but the nurses said that they did not know how she received it. A verdict in accordance with the medical testimony was returned, and the jury gave their fees to the Salisbury Dispensary.


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