Luffman, William

Luffman, William         1882 January 21st        Romsey

Mr Bernard Harfield, deputy county coroner, held an inquest at the workhouse here on Monday, on the body of the child of Mary Luffman, a single woman, admitted to the house pregnant on the 1st December, 1880. Three weeks after her confinement on the 18th of the same month, she became insane, and was sent to the asylum, but returned a month later, and had since been in the workhouse with the child.

On Tuesday, the 10th, the child was very sick during the night, and the whole of Wednesday, when he ate nothing, and during Wednesday night continuously made a moaning noise. At about five in the morning the mother fell off to sleep with him on her left side, and waking again about an hour and a half afterwards found him dead.

Dr Buckell was called in, and thought the child had been overlaid, and there being no appearance of unfair means, the jury returned a verdict accordingly.

FreeBMD gives William Luffman aged 1 – ED


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