Berry, Susannah

Berry, Susannah            1882 January 14th              Swindon

Mr J B Baker, coroner, held an inquest on Monday, at the White Hart Inn, Swindon, on the body of a woman named Susannah Berry, aged 67 years, wife of John Berry, builder’s labourer, residing at 43, Newport-street, who died early on Saturday morning from the effects of burns received the previous night.

The deceased had been for some little time confined to her bed suffering from the effects of a fit of apoplexy. At nine o’clock on Friday night her son called to see her. She was then restless, expressing a desire to get up. Between the bed and the place where her dresses were hanging a candle was left burning on a box. Five minutes after her son left her a young woman in the house heard a scream and fall, and on going to deceased’s bedroom found her lying on the floor. She was terribly burnt all over her body, her shawl and nightdress being entirely consumed. Before her death, which took place three hours after, the poor woman said she was attempting to walk across the room, when she fell on the candle and could not get up.

The jury returned a verdict of “Accidental death.”


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