Wallen, Edwin

Wallen, Edwin       1881 August 13th             Fisherton

The accident, which occurred on Saturday last in Fisherton, has, contradicting the anticipations at first held at the Infirmary, terminated fatally. The unfortunate man, Edwin Wallen, died on Thursday, from the injuries he received and the consequent exhaustion. The inquest was held today (Friday) at the Infirmary.

The facts are as follows : The man was in the employ of Mr Sargent, of Amesbury, and was despatched, with a pair of horses and a waggon, to the Salisbury Great-western Station. He was unloading one of the trucks into his own waggon, when the animals were startled by the shunting of an engine. At the time, the man was standing in his own waggon on top of some bags of corn. Some twenty yards after the animals started off, the waggon struck against the corner of the goods-shed, and the deceased, in endeavouring to save himself, fell from the waggon, the hind wheel on the near side passing over him.

Assistance was immediately forthcoming, and he was lifted into a fly and conveyed to the Infirmary, where, at first, hopes of his recovery were entertained. It was seen however, that both legs were broken whilst the poor fellow also suffered from a compound fracture of the left arm. The deceased who was only 39 years old, leaves a wife and six children. At the time of the accident, there was a horse and cart near the spot, and this animal also ran away.

The jury returned a verdict of “Accidental Death;” adding a rider that it was advisable that either a person should stand at the head of the horses whilst the waggons were being loaded or some means taken to prevent them taking fright. A juror added that had the drag been round the wheel it might not have happened.

One of the witnesses, however – Charles Atkins – stated that he thought there was a boy at the head of the waggon at the time. The jury gave their fees to the widow – an action generously followed by the witnesses. The witnesses were Mr J N Smith, the surgeon at the Infirmary, Messrs Charles Atkins (switchman residing at Churchfields), T Baker (packer residing at Quidhampton), J Sheppard (of 4, Egerton Place), and Mrs Caroline Frankin (of Amesbury).


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