Lucas, Mary

Lucas, Mary           1881 June 4th             Fisherton

An inquest was held at the “Angel” hotel, on Friday afternoon, on the body of an old woman named Mary Ann Lucas, nearly 70 years old, who was found dead in her room, at 27, North-street, at an early hour that morning. The deceased was observed alive on the previous afternoon both by her landlady, Mrs Elizabeth Halford, and her neighbour, Mrs Amy Millard. On the former, however, entering her room at ten o’clock on Friday morning, she found her lying dead on the bedroom floor in a position which she had evidently occupied for some time. Death, according to Dr Gowing, resulted from apoplexy. The deceased, however, has long complained of pains in her head, and, indeed, had been to the Infirmary two or three times. She had also suffered from paralysis in her right side for a number of years.

The jury returned a verdict of “Death from Apoplexy.”


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