Hibberd, Henry

Hibberd, Herbert           1881 December 10th

On Thursday, an inquest was held at the Infirmary, Salisbury, by Mr G Smith (city coroner) and a jury (of whom Mr Dare was foreman), on the body of a boy named Herbert Hibberd, formerly employed at Durnford, who, on Wednesday, died at the Infirmary from lock-jaw which was supposed to have resulted from a wound caused on the 19th of November by a kick from a colt. He was received into the Infirmary on the following day, at the time bearing a wound along the upper eye lid of the left eye; three or four days after he exhibited symptoms of lock-jaw; the symptoms increased and on Wednesday he died from lock-jaw.

The lad, who was only twelve years old, was employed as plough-boy by Mr Thorne. On the 19th ult., his father – who is also in the employ of Mr Thorne – was at work in the stable when he heard a cry from the outside. He at once ran out, and found his boy suffering from a severe wound over the eye. He told him that he was leading one horse past another which was drinking at the trough, when the latter animal kicked him. The father at once took him to the trough and bathed his eye and afterwards took him home. A doctor attended him; but the poor lad writhed in agony the whole of the night.

The next day, he, acting on the advice of the doctor, brought him to the Infirmary. The father said he never knew the horse kick before. A verdict of “Accidental Death” as returned.


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