Deall, Reginald

Deall, Reginald          1881 March 19th

On Thursday, Mr G Smith, city coroner, held an inquest, at the Council Chamber, on the body of Reginald Deall, aged 3 months, son of Mr Samuel Deall, of 32, Winchester-street.

On Wednesday afternoon the deceased’s father’s sister (Elizabeth Deall) took the child out for an “airing,” and, whilst conversing with a friend in her house at Culver-street, she looked at the child’s face, and, noticing that he did not appear as usual, she called her companion’s attention to him. He appearing seriously ill, she went for her mother and her brother, and shortly after Dr Blackmore arrived at the house and pronounced the child to be dead.

Dr Gordon, who attends the family of Mr Deall, stated that the child was of a very delicate constitution, and for the first twelve months of his life he attended him frequently. Knowing the condition of the child – who, he added, seemed to have fallen away since he last saw him – he thought it very likely that cessation of the heart’s action might have ensued from a severe attack of coughing.

One of the jurors pointed out that Miss Deall did not hear the child cough; but another added that this might be accounted for by the fact that she was deaf.

Mr Gordon then added that from what he knew generally of the child he should not be, and was not, surprised at his dying suddenly.

Replying to a juryman, Mr Gordon said he would have granted a certificate but he thought it right to communicate with the Coroner. The juryman replied that he regarded the inquiry as unnecessary.

The Coroner pointed out that there was a discrepancy in the evidence, and the question of the necessity of an inquest was with him. A verdict of “Death from natural causes” was returned.


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