Beauchamp, Frederick

Beauchamp, Frederick         1881 November 12th               West Dean

An inquest was held at the Infirmary on Thursday afternoon, by Mr George Smith (city coroner) and a jury of whom Mr Newton was foreman, on the body of Frederick Beauchamp, of West Dean, who died at the Infirmary on the previous day, after a lingering illness of about a week. The following evidence was adduced.

Mr J S Smith, house surgeon, deposed that Beauchamp was admitted on Monday week. He had sustained a severe injury to the right knee and scratches about the backs of both hands and wrists. There was a punctured wound over the front part of the knee which was also severely bruised; and it was subsequently found on the leg being amputated that the two large vessels at the back were ruptured. The immediate cause of death was exhaustion after the operation. The deceased stated to him during his illness that whilst he was driving a laden cart, the horse ran away and threw him down, and the wheel passed over his leg.

George Beauchamp, the landlord of the “Lion” inn at West Dean, and second-cousin to the deceased, stated that he (the deceased) was in his employ as carter. On this particular day he was at work for him; and when the accident occurred was returning from East Grimstead with a laden-waggon and two horses. He himself was returning from Grimstead about the same time, and when about half-way on the journey saw a hat lying in the road, and about 150 yards farther on he saw the deceased lying in the road.

The following day at the Infirmary he told him that the horse took fright – at what he did not know, and he went to jump off the head of the waggon, where he was standing, when the wheel struck him and he was knocked down, the wheel running over his right leg. At the time he certainly had no reins. His age was 43. The horses were quiet – they had, however, on one previous occasion taken fright at the volunteers drilling.

A verdict of “Accidental Death” was returned. The deceased leaves a wife and four young children. The jury gave their fees to the widow. It is a curious fact that twenty years ago on Thursday the deceased was married.


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