Andrews, James

Andrews, James               1881 April 23rd

Fatal Accident near the London Road Cemetery

An inquest was held at the Salisbury Infirmary, yesterday (Friday) afternoon, on the body of a man named James Andrews, who died at the institution on Thursday morning from injuries received on the previous Tuesday, by the wheels of a waggon, of which he was driver, passing over him.

The deceased was in the employ of Mr Sutton, of Horton, Dorset, and on Tuesday came to Salisbury with a load of corn intending to proceed to Winterslow. He was pursuing his journey in the afternoon, when, just beyond the London-road cemetery, he was observed by a young fellow named Henry Webb, of Winterslow Hut, who also was in charge of a waggon and horses, running along at the head of the horses which were trotting. After proceeding in this manner for a short distance, the deceased attempted to get up on the near shaft. Unfortunately, he was unsuccessful in the attempt, and being caught by the box of the wheel, he was, so it appeared to Webb, literally drawn around the wheel, and, subsequently, both the wheels passed over him.

Webb at once stopped his horses and ran to where the man was lying. To him, he complained of being hurt very much, and said he was unable to move. Webb called to his assistance some men passing with some waggons belonging to Mr Lucas, and they brought him to the Infirmary.

On Mr Kelland, the house surgeon, examining him, he observed evidence of the wheels having gone over the chest, and discovered that he suffered from a compound fracture of the left hand, a fracture of the left elbow joint, from broken ribs, and evident internal injury. Mr Kelland also believed that one of the ribs had penetrated a lung. From the injuries received, the man, in about twelve hours, expired.

A verdict of “Accidental Death” was returned. Mr E Wells was foreman of the jury. The Coroner (Mr Smith) remarked that what the man attempted to do was not only very dangerous but contrary to law. The jury gave their fees to the widow.


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