Vincent, Amy

Vincent, Amy              1879 February 22nd

An inquest was held at the “Bull” hotel, on Wednesday, by Mr G Smith, coroner, on the body of Amy Eliza Vincent, daughter of Mr Albert Vincent, painter, of Fisherton-street. Mr Harris was foreman of the jury. The particulars will be found in the subjoined evidence.

Mr F Fawson Lee said he was sent for that morning at an early hour to attend at the house of Mr Vincent, and on arriving there he found the deceased dead. He attended the child in April last, and it then had a convulsive attack followed by bronchitis; and during that illness the attention of the mother was unremitting. He had not seen the child since April, having discontinued to attend it in consequence of it having comparatively recovered. The body on that morning was wrapped in a blanket and was quite warm; thumbs were bent upon the palms and the toes were turned downwards, and there was muscular rigidity already set in. From these indications he concluded the child had an attack of convulsions in which it died. He was told the child had a severe cold upon the chest, which might have been the cause of the convulsion. It was an unhealthy child.

Mrs Elizabeth Vincent, the mother of the deceased, stated that the deceased had had a cold on its chest for the last two of three weeks. She had not, however, called a medical man. Since Monday the child had suffered from spasms very severely, but had no convulsions until half-past six that morning, when it was attacked and immediately died. Deceased had always been an unhealthy child. On Sunday last the child was taken out, and then did not appear worse than usual.

There was another witness present, but it was not thought necessary to examine her. A verdict of “Death from Natural Causes” was returned.


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