Sanger, Charles

Sanger, Charles        1879 December 6th

An inquest was held at the Infirmary, on Saturday morning, by Mr G Smith, city coroner, on the body of Charles Sanger, who died from the effects of a scalding received a fortnight previous.

Charlotte Poss, the grandmother of the boy (and she was corroborated by a brother of the deceased named Ernest Sanger), said the deceased, who was three and a half years old, was on a visit to her; and, on the 12th inst., he and his brother were sitting by the fire-side, when he, in attempting to reach from a chair to his brother, overbalanced himself, and fell against a coffee pot on the hob, upsetting the contents over himself. She immediately wrapped him in a blanket, and brought him to the Infirmary.

Mr J Kelland, house surgeon, said he immediately attended to the deceased; but he died on the 28th ult. He attributed the immediate cause of death to inflammation of the lungs, which was caused by severe scalding.

A verdict of “Accidental Death” was returned; and the jury gave their fees to the mother of deceased.


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