Deane, Margaret

Deane, Margaret        1879 July 26th             Odiham

Fatal Accident at Winchfield Station

On Saturday Miss Margaret Florence Deane, who lived with her aunt, Miss Cuddiford, at Hartley Row, took a ticket for Basingstoke. Whilst she was waiting for the train, a lady named Ellis from Fleet got into conversation with her on some religious topic and so absorbing was the theme that neither of them paid attention to their immediate exigencies. Mrs Ellis seeing from the window of the room the train approaching, said “I think this is your train,” and immediately Miss Deane rushed from the room, across the line, and was just stepping on to the platform when the engine (which didn’t stop) struck her on the shoulder, knocked her against one of the posts, from which she rebounded, again to be thrown on the platform about twelve yards further down, where much bruised she lay dead. A porter named Robertson, who was on the same platform seeing her hurrying to cross, cried out “Stop! Don’t cross now.” But the flurried girl however took no heed; but with her head held down ran to meet her end.

An inquest was held at the “Beauclerk Arms” on Monday before Mr Spencer Claith (Clarke), when after a searching enquiry, and a long discussion as to what protective steps the company ought to take on behalf of the public whereby a subway or some other means should be adopted, a verdict of “Accidental Death” was returned. The jury were unanimous in their condemnation of the posts which now obstruct the passage.


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