Cox, Harry

Cox, Harry           1879 June 21st           Dinton/Salisbury

An inquest was held at the Infirmary on Monday afternoon by Mr George Smith (city coroner) and a jury of whom Mr W Wells was foreman, on the body of Harry Cox, aged 59, an inpatient of the institution, who had died suddenly the same morning under the circumstances narrated in the subjoined evidence.

John Griffin, one of whose legs had been amputated, stated that he was in the water-closet of the Accident Ward at 6 o’clock that morning when the deceased came and applied for admission. He at once made way for him, and on entering deceased complained of feeling very faint. Witness at once acquainted the night-nurse – who had not yet withdrawn from duty – of the fact and she procured assistance, but deceased died in the water-closet before it was of any avail.

Mr James Kelland, house surgeon, said on his arrival to the water-closet he found the man dead. In his opinion death arose from heart disease. Mr Kelland further stated that deceased was admitted into the Infirmary on Thursday in last week, and then stated that he was a labourer in the employ of Mr Wyndham, of Dinton, and had been knocked down by a horse. Witness examined him and found a fracture of the shoulder-blade and several contusions, but the injuries were not sufficient to cause death.

The jury returned a verdict in accordance with the medical testimony.


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