Caillard, Laura

Caillard, Laura     1879 January 11th           Devizes

An inquest was held at Wadman’s Farm, Stoford, near Devizes, on Wednesday, on the body of a young lady, 23 years of age, named Laura C Caillard, a daughter of Mr Caillard, county court judge, which had been found in the River Frome close by Fairleigh Castle.

The deceased had left home on the morning of Monday, at about 10 o’clock, apparently in her usual good health and spirits, stating that she was going to her laundress at Wingfield. Instead of proceeding thither, however, she seems to have turned on the road leading to Stoford, and was passed by a carter driving to Trowbridge. As she did not return home to lunch a search was instituted, and led to the discovery of the deceased’s parcel and umbrella, which she had taken with her, near a weir.

A further search was then made during the whole night, and at about 8 o’clock on Tuesday morning the body of the young lady was found in the water under a willow tree, having been washed about three-quarters of a mile from where her parcel and umbrella were found. The deceased’s watch had stopped at half past ten. A rumour had been current that the young lady was attached to a Trowbridge woollen manufacturer, of which attachment her parents disapproved; but this was contradicted at the inquest. It was said there was an engagement between the parties which was approved by the parents.

The jury returned a verdict of “Found drowned.”


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