Burrough, Harriett

Burrough, Harriet           1879 March 8th

An inquest was held at the Council Chamber, on Monday afternoon, by Mr G Smith, city coroner, on the body of Harriet Burrough, wife of Jesse Burroughs, who died at 71, New-street, on Sunday afternoon. Mr Clements was foreman of the jury.

Mr Frederick William Coates said between five and six on the previous afternoon he was called on to attend deceased, and on arriving at the house found her lying on the bed dead. The body was not quite cold. He found no marks of violence on the body. He could give no reliable opinion as to the cause of death; there was no evidence of death being caused other than by natural causes. Her death was compatible with heart disease; and he should think it very probable that that was the cause. He formed that opinion partly from the history of the case. He had not attended deceased previously.

Ann Herring said she resided at 71, New-street, in the same house as deceased. She knew the deceased, and saw her (just previous to her death) at about a quarter before three on the previous afternoon. She then complained of pains in her side and loins, and appeared very unwell. She afterwards saw the deceased dead; and immediately sent for Dr Coates. She had known Mrs Burroughs for years; and during the last six months – and more especially during the last week – she had complained of pains in her side. Witness had resided in the house about 8 months, and during that time she had not had medical advice. She, however, had suggested that she should see a doctor; but her invariable reply was that she thought she should get better. On Sunday she thought she would have advice but would defer it until Monday.

The husband of the deceased, who is a sawyer, stated that he was at home on Sunday afternoon. His wife went upstairs at about twenty minutes to four, with the intention of putting the “beds to rights.” At about four o’clock, as she did not come downstairs, he went to see for her and found her lying on the bed. She appeared to him to be dead and he went downstairs and called for assistance. He then sent for Mr Darke who had previously attended her – but he was not at home, and he then sent for Mr Lee, who was also absent, and afterwards for Mr Coates and he came. Deceased had had a cold for a long time, and had complained of pains in her loins and chest. Mr Darke attended deceased last about six months ago. He previously attended her for rheumatic fever. His wife’s age was 62 last May.

The jury returned a verdict of “Death from Natural Causes.”


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