Poulden, Francis

Poulden, Frances         1878 February 25th              Fisherton

An inquest was held at the “Plume of Feathers,” Fisherton, yesterday afternoon, by Mr G Smith, city coroner, touching the death of Frances Jane Poulden, widow, residing in Salisbury.

Dr Gowing said he was a medical practitioner residing in the city. He was called on Thursday afternoon, at about 4.30, to see the deceased. She was dead before he arrived, but evidently she had not been dead more than half an hour. He had never seen her before. He could not give any opinion as to the cause of death; he had heard that she had suffered from a cough for many years, and beyond that he could give no opinion. A possible cause of death might have been that she suffered from dilatation of the heart, consequent upon repeated attacks of bronchitis. He saw no marks of violence upon the body. He had no suspicion that she died from any other then natural causes.

Elizabeth Douglas said she lived entirely with Mrs Poulden until within the last twelve months. She was with her on Thursday evening when she was taken ill. She was taking tea at about four o’clock, when she noticed that in putting a cup to her mouth, she threw it over her dress. Witness then saw that she was unwell, and told her of it, and said she should send for a doctor, but before doing so she took her upstairs to bed. She was obliged to carry her part of the way. On their arrival she was putting her to bed, when she fell back in her arms, and said, “Good-bye, Lizzie.” She was then not quite dead, and witness immediately sent for a doctor, and Mr Gowing shortly after arrived, but deceased was dead. Deceased suffered from an asthmatical cough during winter months for at least ten years, and more particularly during last winter. Deceased was a widow, and resided at 16, South-street, Fisherton. She believed her age was about 55 years.

The jury returned a verdict of “Death from natural causes.”


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