Honeywell, John

Honeywell, John        1878 February 2nd

An inquest was held at 17, Elm Grove-terrace, on Saturday afternoon on the body of Mr John Honeywell, by Mr G Smith, city coroner.

The first witness called was Dr Lee who stated that on the previous evening at about 11.30 o’clock he was called upon to attend deceased. On his arriving at this place, he found deceased quite dead, but the body still warm. There was some frothy fluid on his mouth, but no indication of any struggle. He attributed death to failure of the heart’s action. He attended deceased last May for a bad throat. At that time he had an extremely feeble action of the heart, and he should not have been surprised if he had dropped down dead at any time.

Hannah Moore stated that she was housekeeper, and sister-in-law to deceased, who had not been well for some time. He received medical attendance last May, but had not since. On Friday night after taking his supper, which consisted of a glass of brandy and water and a bit of bread, he went to bed. She also retired to her room, and after she had been there a short time, deceased rushed in with his hand to his throat. She inquired what was the matter, but he could not speak. She then requested him to lie down on the bed. He did so, and died immediately. She then sent for Mr Lee who pronounced him to be quite dead. She believed his age was 63.

A verdict of “death from natural causes” was returned.


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