Young, Frederick

Young, Frederick      1877 March 3rd

On Tuesday afternoon last an inquest was held at the “Rising Sun,” Castle-street, before the City Coroner, Mr G Smith, on the body of Frederick Young, 48, a sawyer, who died from heart disease the same morning.

J H Gordon, medical practitioner, said he was called to see the deceased about half past 8 that morning. He was told there was a man ill in Messrs Hales’ yard, and before he could get there another messenger arrived to say he was dead. He had attended him on more than one occasion, and he last attended him in November, when he had serious disease of the heart. He saw him after his death, and thought it most likely he died from heart disease. The sort of work in which he was engaged was prejudicial to his health, and when he saw him before he thought he went to work sooner than he ought to have done. He examined the body, and found no marks upon it.

Mary Elton Young, wife of the deceased, said she lived at 33, Green Croft Street. At 30 minutes after 8 that morning she was with her husband in the sawpit in Messrs Hales’ yard. He ate his breakfast, which she took to him, and got up and walked a little way up the yard. He turned giddy, and she ran to him, caught hold of him, and asked what was the matter. He was like that about five minutes, and she asked him if he was any better, to which he replied that he was, and she asked him to sit down. He sat down a minute or two, and became worse, and Mr Harwood, a man who worked with him, came in, and went for another man in the next yard. He also went for a doctor, and Dr Gordon came, but not before her husband was dead. It was not more than a quarter of an hour from the time he was taken ill to the time he died. He had frequently complained to her of giddiness and dreadful pain in the left side. He went away that morning in perfectly good health.

By a juryman : He didn’t speak after he said he felt a little better,

Verdict : “Died from heart disease.”

FreeBMD gives Frederick Young age 48 – ED.


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