Parsons, Alice

Parsons, Alice          1877 January 13th

On Thursday evening last an inquest was held at the “White Hart Hotel,” before the City Coroner, Mr George Smith, on the body of Alice Bailey Parsons, a baby not quite four months old, who died on the previous morning.

Frederick Fawson Lee, medical practitioner, said he was called to see the deceased on Wednesday morning at 1, Thynne’s Court, and when he got there the child was quite dead, but the body was warm. The thumb was bent upon the palms, the fingers were contracted and the toes were also slightly contracted. He was of opinion that the child died during convulsion. To his knowledge he never saw the child before, but from what he heard he believed it had been failing in health for some time. He was informed that it had had a convulsive attack a month previously.

Alice Parsons, the mother of the deceased, said she resided at 1, Thynne’s Court, St John’s Street, and her child would have been 4 months old on the 15th of this month. It had been unhealthy since its birth, and she had taken it to Dr Blackmore when it was in convulsions. On Tuesday last it was very quiet all day, but when she put it to bed at night it appeared to be in its ordinary state of health so far as she could judge. She slept with it in the same bed. The child cried about 12 o’clock, and again at 4. When witness woke up about half past 7 she was going to kiss it, and its head fell back. Her mother lit a candle, and she found the child was dead. She ran for Mr Lee who came within five minutes and pronounced it dead. She had taken proceedings before the magistrates for charging the supposed father with its maintenance, and the summons was returnable next Monday.

By a juryman : When she awoke she found the child on her left arm, and cuddled very closely to her.

The jury returned a verdict of “Death from convulsions,” and gave their fees to the child’s mother.


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