Newman, Charles

Newman, George                1877 November 3rd

Yesterday afternoon an inquest was held by Mr G Smith, city coroner, at the “Bell” Inn, Exeter-street, on the body of Mr George Newman, of 112, Exeter-street, who died at his residence the same morning.

Mr Charles Chubbe, medical practitioner practising at Salisbury, having charge of Dr Blackmore’s patients, said that about 8.45am, he attended the deceased and found him dead. There were no marks or bruises upon the body. He had heard the deceased had been suffering from paralysis, and he believed that death resulted from apoplexy.

John Harber, labourer, residing at 91, Exeter-street, stated that during the last five weeks he had slept with the late Mr Newman. He slept with him as usual on the night previous, and left him apparently asleep at 6.20 that morning. He did not during the night complain of being unwell, but between one and two he got out of bed, and on getting into bed went to sleep again. He was positive that deceased was alive at five o’clock for he (deceased) stretched out his hand and touched him. He slept in the same bed with deceased.

John Squire deposed that he resided at 112, Exeter-street, and deceased was his brother-in-law. Deceased was a retired fish-monger, and in is 71st year. 14 or 15 months since Mr Newman fell back over the stairs, which caused the loss of the use of his right hand and eye, and also his voice. On Thursday evening he appeared the same as usual, in fact during the last two or three weeks he has been better. On Mrs Newman going into the bedroom that morning she found he was dead.

A verdict of death from apoplexy was returned.


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