Marsh, Charles

Marsh, Charles     1877 October 20th

An inquest was held at the “Wool-Pack” Inn, Endless-street, by Mr G Smith, city coroner, on Tuesday afternoon, respecting the death of an old man named Charles Marsh, 74 years of age, who died suddenly at the “Wool-Pack,” on the previous evening.

Dr Coates MD, said he was a medical practitioner, practising at Salisbury. At 6.30pm, on Monday, he attended the deceased and found him lying on his back in the stable, without pulse, quite unconscious, and twice while he was there he gasped and then he died. The pupil of the left eye was dilated and the right natural. His opinion was that death resulted from effusion of the blood in one of the vessels of the brain, causing apoplexy. He had heard that the man had been eating meat just before death, and had coughed as if he were choked, but that would not cause apoplexy.

Thomas Davies, who lodged at a house in Winchester-street, said that deceased lived with his uncle, Joseph Gatehouse, at 52, Church-street. He had been acquainted with the deceased since last January. The deceased was in the yard of the “Wheat Sheaf” on the previous day, when he suddenly fell to his knees. He and the landlord laid him down (ultimately putting him in the stable) and sent for medical assistance. The deceased did not speak. Witness had heard deceased complain of having a cold for the last fortnight or three weeks. Deceased before he went out had been eating a bit of meat, but could not say he had been choked.

Susanna Gatehouse stated that she was the wife of Joseph Gatehouse, and the deceased who was 74 years of age, lodged with them. His occupation was that of a labourer. Lately he had complained of having a cold, and of an unpleasant feeling in his throat, almost enough to choke him. He had been ill once before, she believed with the rheumatics, and Dr Gordon attended him. Deceased had often complained of giddiness.

Eventually a verdict of “Death from apoplexy” was returned.


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