Lovelock, Thomas

Lovelock, Thomas      1877 May 5th         Nunton

On Tuesday afternoon last an inquest was held at Nunton before Mr Wilson, on the body of Thomas Lovelock, a pensioner who was found drowned in the Avon, about 300 yards from Longford Castle, on Monday morning.

Thomas Westbrook, a fish keeper in the employ of the Earl of Radnor, found the man in the stream with his arms folded and his coat over his head. He got him out and he appeared to have been dead for a long time, the features being hardly distinguishable. On Saturday he was by the spot where he found the man and he was not there then. If he had fallen in at Salisbury the stream might have taken him on to Downton, and he thought the body of the deceased had come some distance.

PC Fox proved finding 17s 10d and various articles on the deceased. A cousin of the deceased, with whom he lodged at Newton Toney, stated that she last saw him at 20 minutes to 6 on the morning of the 10th of April, when he was going to Salisbury to take his pension. He was discharged from the army in consequence of his having had a sunstroke and his left arm was paralysed. He was generally very dull in his habits but always said he should not do away with himself.

Sergt-Major Hunt, of Salisbury, said he paid the deceased his pension money, £2, 5s, 6d, at 10 o’clock on the 10th of April, at the “Wheatsheaf.”

Something was said about his having gone off with some gipsies, but no witness came forward to prove having seen him with any, and Supt Stephens they didn’t infer that he had been robbed in any way. He gave an order for every man in each district to go to the pensioners in the district and make enquiries as to whether they had seen anything of him, but nothing had been heard of him.

The verdict returned was, “Found drowned, but by what means is unknown.”


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