Jeffreys, Mary

Jeffreys, Mary        1877 February 3rd         Bemerton

On Tuesday afternoon last an inquest was held at Bemerton, before Mr R M Wilson, on the body of Mary Ann Jeffreys, the wife of William Jeffreys, labourer, who died from apoplexy the previous day.

It appears the deceased went upstairs about 3 o’clock on Monday afternoon and was suddenly taken ill. She called to her son, who was down stairs, and he went up, and if he hadn’t caught her in his arms she would have fallen. She said, “Oh! Charlie, I’m going to die.” He sat her on the bed. He saw she was convulsed, and opened the window and called on his father, who came in, and afterwards went for Mrs Eyres, the next door neighbour. The daughter of the deceased came in some time afterwards, but the son said he believed his mother was dead, even before his father came. He was of opinion that she died in his arms. She had a fainting fit about a year and a half ago, and when she was then seized nobody was in the house. Her husband came in and found her insensible at the top of the stairs, but after he had attended to her she recovered.

Dr Good, who was called in to see the deceased, gave it as his opinion that she had died from apoplexy, and a verdict was returned according to his testimony.



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