Stevens, Pamela

Stevens, Pamela                      1876 July 8th

On Monday an inquest was held in the Council Chamber, before the City Coroner, Mr G Smith, on the body of Pamela Stevens, aged 64, who was found dead in bed in Culver Street the same morning.

Dr Blackmore was the first witness and said he was sent for that morning at a quarter to eight to see the deceased, when he found her quite dead, stiff, and cold, and in his opinion she had been dead at least six hours. There was no indication of convulsions, the limbs were perfectly straight, and the bedclothes were not disturbed in any way. There was no froth at the mouth, and his opinion was that she died from failure of the heart.

Jemima Plowman, sister to the deceased, residing at 87, Culver Street, said the deceased was the widow of Thomas Stevens, who was a builder working in London. She last saw her alive about a quarter to ten on Sunday night, when she was in witness’s bedroom previous to retiring to rest. She never complained of illness, but of late had complained of weakness. She had been living in the country, and thought her weakness was occasioned by the hot weather. When she retired to rest on Sunday evening she appeared well, but complained of weakness. She saw her that (Monday) morning dead in her bed, and was induced to go to her bedroom by not having heard her moving about as usual. She sent for her next door neighbour, her brother’s wife, who sent for Dr Blackmore, and he arrived shortly afterwards.

The jury returned a verdict of “Died from natural causes.”


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