Snook, John

Snook, John           1876 January 1st           Fonthill

On Thursday morning an inquest was held at the Infirmary, before Mr G Smith, city coroner, and a jury, of which Mr Cox, coal merchant, was foreman, on the body of John Snook.

Mr Biggs, house surgeon, deposed that the deceased was brought into the Infirmary on Wednesday, the 22nd ult. On examining him, he (Mr Biggs) found his right arm completely crushed to the shoulder, the right side of his chest was very much torn, and some of his ribs were broken. The limb was amputated that same afternoon. Snook died on Tuesday last, from exhaustion consequent on his injuries.

Andrew Harris, labourer, of Berwick St Leonard, said he worked for Mr Morrison, of Fonthill. On Wednesday, the 22nd, he was working in a field near to a barn, in which was an oil cake crushing machine, which the deceased was loading. Hearing cries, he ran into the barn, and found the deceased’s arm caught in the machine. He helped to extricate it.

George Phillips said he was tending the machine with Snook, who was leaning on the machine when his sleeve caught, and his arm was drawn in between the rollers. The machine was stopped directly and the arm released.

The widow of the deceased said he was 73 years of age. The jury unanimously returned a verdict of “Accidental Death.”


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