Skelton, George

Skelton, George           1876 September 30th

On Saturday last an inquest was held before the city coroner at his Office, on the body of an old man named George Skelton, who died suddenly on the previous night.

Dr Gordon stated that he was called to the house of the deceased in Endless-street about 10 o’clock on Friday evening, and found the deceased sitting upright in a chair in the kitchen. He examined him and found him quite dead. There were no marks of violence about him, and from his own observation and what he was told he attributed death to failure of the heart’s action. He had never seen him before professionally.

Ann Sawkins said she was an assistant to the deceased’s wife, who was a straw-bonnet maker and milliner, and she had her meals with them. On Friday evening she had her supper with them about eight o’clock, and the deceased was then in his usual state of health. He made no complaint except that he was rather tired in the afternoon, and after he had finished supper he commenced reading a book. He told them what he was reading about, and soon afterwards said, “What a noise.” He then breathed heavily and fell forwards in the chair. They lifted him up, and he turned very black in the face, and frothed at the mouth. She went immediately for Dr Gordon, who came directly and pronounced him quite dead. Deceased was 80 years of age the 4th of last April, and resided at 27, Endless Street. He did nothing himself.

The jury returned a verdict of “Death from Natural Causes.” It was intended to hold the inquiry at the Council Chamber, but no person was present to open the doors, and hence the necessity of holding it in the Coroner’s own office.


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