Percy, William

Percy, William           1876 January 15th

On Thursday afternoon an inquest was held at the Infirmary, before Mr G Smith, coroner, on the body of William Percy, aged 33, who met with his death on Wednesday evening at the station of the London and South Western Railway. The following evidence was adduced,

Dr Biggs, house surgeon of the Infirmary, deposed : I saw the deceased about a quarter of an hour after he was admitted. He was admitted about ten o’clock and he was alive at that time. I examined the right leg ; the muscles and calf were all torn; the knee joint —– open and the thigh bone broken; the left leg was also broken just above the ankle. He was dying when I saw him and he expired at about 12 o’clock. The immediate cause of death was shock to the nervous system.

Joseph Thorn, signalman, on the London and South Western Railway, at the Salisbury station, said : Last night I was standing at the level crossing at about —— on duty, about two yards from my box in the sle—–. As the 9.40 luggage train from Bristol was coming —- the station, having a passenger carriage attached, deceased came from off the platform and passed through a line of carriages into the up line, just — the train was passing. I saw the engine knock him down and at the same time heard the lamp smashed. I immediately showed a red light to intimate danger and the engine pulled up within about forty yards. On the train stopping I went to the deceased, and found him laying in the four foot roadway, about twenty yards from where he was first struck. He — alive, and was conveyed to the Infirmary. He — quite sensible when picked up. His duty — to examine the carriage wheels, and he was waiting on the platform for the train.

George Long corroborated the previous witness’s statement.

Henry Percy said : The deceased was my brother, he was 33 years of age. I was not present when the accident occurred, but was with him when he died. The train usually stops at the Great Western —- but on this night it came on to the ticket platform. There was an order for that train to go on to the ticket platform, but it is seldom obeyed, so that the deceased would not expect the train to come up to where he was crossing.

The jury, after a short deliberation, returned a verdict of “accidental death.” The jury gave their fees towards the funds of the Infirmary.

Part of this item was at the edge of the image, so a few words are missing – ED.


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